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Serving the Keweenaw for over 80 years


The Wickley Agency is one of the most prominent insurance agencies in the Copper Country. We enjoy a great reputation for being fair, honest and always 100% committed to serving our customers. 

For over 80 years we’ve been serving the community. That’s a long time to be in business! The secret? We understand that doing business in this area requires being a great neighbor, being involved in the community, and always treating our customers right. Other places might refer to their customer’s by their account number: We know our customers by name!  


Mr. A.J. Wickley started the agency in 1935. A.J. specialized in life insurance, and made a great name for himself serving the mines of the day, and also by being one of the most involved community citizens in town. Back then the insurance industry was considerably different than it is today! But, the keys to success have remained consistent: Treat your customer’s right, provide a superior product at a great price, and always be there – helping the customer – when they need it most. A.J.’s spirit still guides us every day: Good, old fashioned face-to-face contact, do a lot of listening, over deliver on expectations and most important, make sure that customers are satisfied. “That’s what keeps them coming back!”


In 1950 the agency opened its doors at the 218 Quincy Street location in Hancock. The agency has changed a bit over the years, evolving with the ever changing insurance and real estate market. Folks from the region started to count on the Wickley Agency, and the Wickley family, to always be there at community functions, helping local organizations and always providing the most complete service and highest quality products available.


In the 1970’s, Peter Wickley (A.J.’s son) joined the agency and things really started to grow. The industry changed quite a bit, and Pete quickly developed the agencies reputation for being a full-service insurance and real estate provider that was second-to-none!  As new forms of personal insurance and commercial insurance products became more prominent, Pete was trained with the most up-to-date schooling and provided the very best products to customers. The real estate market also had its ebbs and flows, and Pete developed the reputation that folks have come to count on: If you need real estate in the Copper Country, or if you need to sell, very few people could match Pete’s knowledge, customer service and commitment. 


Through the eighties and the nineties, the agency continued to grow.  Local businesses started counting on the Wickley Agency to provide them the very best commercial insurance. Insuring businesses can be a complicated endeavor: Pete and the Wickley Agency quickly developed a reputation for being able to successfully deliver for business customers, always working WITH them to make sure coverage’s were adequate, their needs were met, and they were happy with the quality and service provided!

Today, obtaining insurance and real estate services can be complicated and overwhelming. The Wickley Agency attracts customers and has one of the best retention rates in the Midwest because we know and understand the complexities of our products, understand how to best provide them to our customers and – most importantly – we understand that to be different in this market means that customer service and personal relationships are always the key! It started in 1935 with the same ethic, and will always be what we stand for!

Pete Wickley - 1960's outside the shop. 

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